Ensuring Security Through Technological Recovery of Digital Assets




Stabilize a complex and unstable system

Greatly reduce the time to fix bugs and produce patches.

Set the stage for the future iteration of the website


With Audi, BMW, Toyota, Airbus and Apple among its customers and more than 400 employees in 16 countries, InnovMetric is a leader in 3D metrology software solutions. To maintain the company’s growth rate, the performance and stability of its web system was critical.

Initially, Symetris' mission was to stabilize their digital ecosystem and implement fixes and improvements that would allow the company time to address the scalability issues of their website.

As proof of the project’s success, Symetris increased tenfold the potential of the platform, which became an essential business tool for the client.

Now linked by a strong relationship, Symetris and InnovMetric are collaborating on the strategic roadmap they defined together for the next three years.


Under a very tight deadline, Symetris was able to recover the client’s system and implement rapid improvements in codes and Drupal modules.

Symetris effectively managed the recovery of the website from its former supplier. Thanks to a rigorous and step-by-step methodology, the new technical recommendations, corrections and improvements were made according to best practices.


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