Guarantee the success of your digital projects, from strategy to execution.


Strategy and Consulting

For a digital transformation that won’t blow your budget

Every successful project has to start with a clear strategy and measurable objectives. Targeted investments guarantee added value for your platform. In order to maximize your return on investment (ROI), make your website work for your business. Increase your sales and conversions. Hit your revenue targets by launching your web strategy with better integration of your marketing tools, CRM, and other applications.

Need to have your digital assets audited and evaluated?

Our team can assess your current situation and help you improve the performance, security, and quality of your web application. Pages that don’t load fast enough can cause you to lose potential clients and sales. Improving your web application’s performance can prove to be a long technical process involving numerous tests and a multitude of skills. Symetris can show you how to maximize your performance and optimize the user experience. Create a solid platform you can build on by adding modules for years to come. Symetris is an Acquia Preferred Partner. Our team of experts will analyze your current situation and help you determine which objectives will ensure the success of your next web application.

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Custom solution development

Our digital maestros

With more than 150 large-scale projects to our credit, Symetris’ project leadership approach is both supportive and effective. Our project leaders are true digital maestros who guarantee a positive experience throughout. Our four cornerstones are: embody your project’s mission and objectives, ensure the production team reaches its peak potential, mobilize all stakeholders involved and guide their actions with a global vision.

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Do you hesitate what system to use?

Symetris offers technological consulting backed by more than 15 years’ experience implementing digital experience platforms, content management systems (DXP, WCMS, CMS) and web applications such as Drupal. Can’t decide between Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Sitecore or another system? Symetris’ experts can put your mind at ease regarding your technology choices. Our certified developers and Agile-inspired leadership will ensure a positive experience while respecting industry best practices. Symetris is an Acquia Preferred Partner and boasts one of the biggest teams of Drupal certified developers in Quebec.

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Best Practices

Our coding standards are aligned with internationally-recognized best practices and reinforced by rigorous quality management. This process is integrated during all phases of the project life cycle.

Asset evolution

Prevention, support and security

Need to fix a bug in a hurry? Our customer service team responds to your ad hoc requests for maintenance and support with a follow-up within one business day. Increase your efficiency. By keeping your platform secure and up-to-date, you’ll have a powerful tool that can keep up with your team. Better safe than sorry!  Regular updates to an application can prolong its use by several years and facilitate your next add-ons.

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Maintain strict control over expenses

Our budget management service ensures your platform is maintained and optimized without breaking your budget.

Do you lack the resources to maintain your ecosystems and ensure the monitoring and security of your IT?

Symetris’ managed services help you overcome this challenge so you can focus on what really matters.

Are your needs evolving?

Make sure your tools can keep up! Let our team make custom recommendations aligned with your objectives in order to continuously improve your platform.