Job Opening: Digital Strategist

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Job description 

Experts in web technology for over 17 years, the 25 team members at Symetris specialize in large-scale digital projects. 

Our clients choose us to benefit from the "Symetris Experience": our increased supervision, our rigorous project management methodology inspired by AGILE, and our quality management process that promotes respect for deadlines while ensuring client flexibility. 

As a digital strategist you’ll work closely with the executive leadership of our clients and key stakeholders. You will team up with our team of experts to inspire and delight our clients. Your thought leadership, executive-level communication abilities and careful planning will reinforce our long-standing relationships with clients and support their success in major change initiatives. 

Role & responsibilities 

  • Demonstrate Symetris’ expertise 
    • Understand qualified clients’ briefs to determine core areas where Symetris can shine 
    • Participate in sales calls to deepen our understanding of how we can add value for our clients 
    • Provide advice to clients on how to best meet their goal 
    • Provide justification for investments in new technological approaches
    • Convince senior stakeholders of the value of partnering with Symetris
  • Define a solid roadmap for each project's success in collaboration with the production team 
    • Lead workshops and brainstorm sessions with client senior leadership to complete the Discovery phase of projects 
    • Guide the client to identify KPIs to measure the success of a project
    • Pilot the creation of implementation roadmaps with input from the Production team 
    • Identify long-term risks and opportunities relevant to the client’s digital ecosystem, business objectives and operating model 
  • Grow and strengthen our partnerships with clients by continuously iterating on their roadmap based on data and new insights in order to increase client lifetime value. 
    • Develop multi-year roadmaps with clients, identifying targets to monitor success 
    • Organize periodic workshops to inspire our clients the best next step ○ Monthly follow ups with senior management to keep the relationship active and remove any potential roadblocks. 
    • Ensure the work we deliver is in sync with our clients goals 

Education/experience/skills required 

  • Minimum of 6 years of relevant experience in a similar position; 
  • Sales or account management experience an added value;
  • Domain knowledge in modern web architecture, martech ecosystem, cloud transformation, data-driven enterprise
  • Ability to stay abreast of technological and marketing trends 
  • Comfortable to present and vulgarize to multiple and diverse audiences 
  • Good researching and storytelling skills
  • Strong ability to create trusted relationship with senior executives 
  • Ability to foster relationship with a partner ecosystem
  • Able to provide thought leadership internally and externally 
  • Emotional intelligence (ability to manage crisis situations with tact);
  •  Good management of priorities and time (important vs. urgent); 
  • Rigor, organization and attention to detail;
  • Ability and willingness to learn and adapt;
  • Enthusiastic to contribute to the continuous improvement of the team;
  •  Fluency in English and French, both written and oral.

Why work at Symetris? 

Symetris’ success lies in honouring the delicate balance between efficient processes and a resourceful team that firmly believes that the road to success is just as important as the destination. We work smart, not hard. 

The members of our team chose Symetris for the following reasons: 

  • Our long-term vision and the values that guide our approach (heart, discipline, expertise and transparency) 
  • Our prioritization of work-life balance (possibility of choosing one’s own schedule, non-restrictive telecommuting, social activities during working hours) 
  • Our competent and collaborative team (as an “A” player, you want to work with other “A” players) 
  • Our coaching of career progression (training, conferences, internal opportunities) 

How to apply?

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