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Job description

Experts in web technology for over 17 years, the 25 team members at Symetris specialize in large-scale digital projects. 

Our clients choose us to benefit from the "Symetris Experience": our increased supervision, our rigorous project management methodology inspired by AGILE, and our quality management process that promotes respect for deadlines while ensuring client flexibility.

Our Functional Analysts play a key role in gathering functional requirements from clients, documenting business processes, and creating/optimizing process efficiencies. They translate the client's needs into functionalities to be implemented by the technical team. They help bridge the gap between strategy and implementation of functionalities.

Role & responsibilities

  • Analyze and estimate
    • Interacting with the future client and the account manager, the analyst must be able to find the client's needs and understand the essential technical requirements to the future project
    • Issue ballpark estimates according to the client's needs and the high level budget
    • Provide early assumptions and recommendations on effort, complexities and critical elements of the project
  • Drive the strategy and architecture
    • Facilitate work sessions to highlight pain points
    • Understand the client's reality and map it to the needs of the project to communicate strengths and weaknesses
    • Propose & map improvements to the client's issues according to the client's high level objectives
  • Ensure the operationalization of the objectives
    • Must be able to define or optimize current and recommended processes
    • Assist the production team in cutting tasks by being the "voice of the customer”
    • Write technical specifications, have them validated and communicate them to the production team in the most appropriate format
    • Follow up on the customer solution with the team

Education/experience/skills required

  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in a similar position;
  • Must be familiar with web system architectures to effectively bridge the gap between the technical team and the client;
  • Must be familiar at a high level with the families of technologies and businesses used in the web, previous experience with web programming languages is an asset.;
  • Good knowledge of business applications that can connect to web platforms and their roles in a digital ecosystem (e.g. CMS/CRM/ERP/Analytics);
  • Writing of functional specifications;
  • Emotional intelligence (ability to manage crisis situations with brio);
  • Leadership, initiative and sense of responsibility;
  • Courtesy, positive mood and team spirit;
  • Good management of priorities and time (important vs. urgent); 
  • Rigor, organization and attention to detail;
  • Ability and willingness to learn and adapt;
  • Enthusiastic to contribute to the continuous improvement of the team;
  • Fluency in English and French, both written and oral.

Why work at Symetris?

Symetris’ success lies in honouring the delicate balance between efficient processes and a resourceful team that firmly believes that the road to success is just as important as the destination.

The members of our team chose Symetris for the following reasons: 

  • Our long-term vision and the values that guide our approach (heart, discipline, expertise and transparency)
  • Our prioritization of work-life balance (possibility of choosing one’s own schedule, non-restrictive telecommuting, social activities during working hours)
  • Our competent and collaborative team (as an “A” player, you want to work with other “A” players)
  • Our coaching of career progression (training, conferences, internal opportunities)


  • Competitive compensation package
  • Group insurance 
  • Access to Dialogue, a telemedicine service for physical and mental health
  • Paid time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day on top of vacation
  • Flexible hours

How to apply?

Apply here. Include in your cover letter a description of projects for which you have contributed to success (with an explanation of your impact on the project).

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