10 years of WordPress and Drupal projects at Symetris

10 years

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The story of Symetris started 10 years ago, when in 2004, Brad Muncs wanted to create a web agency unlike any other. An agency where people came first, where employees didn’t need to pull all-nighters and work on weekends, and where clients would be accompanied along the path of transforming their website into a business tool.

Between assistant director gigs in the film industry (at a time where they were still shot with film), Brad’s curiosity kept him busy by creating portfolio websites for his friends in the photography and film industry.

 Brad Muncs

« Brad the web freelancer » snowballed into Symetris the agency, as more and more projects came knocking. To keep up the pace, he brought on a team of collaborators and eventually part-time employees that shared his home office, to finally move into the agency’s first « real » office.

Preferring baby steps to the roller-coaster of accelerated growth, Symetris was built one employee at a time and focused on establishing long-term relationships with its clients.

Symetris fine-tuned its project management approach and adopted the most popular and scalable content management platforms available (WordPress and Drupal). Its team specialized in complex projects with multiple users and dynamic features, while maintaining their leitmotiv of making advanced technology accessible to all.

Today, Symetris employs 11 specialists that unlock our clients’ web potential, while taking the time to add a human touch to the experience.

And that’s only the beginning! We look forward to our next 10 years…